Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.1)

19 Aug

Every time I listen to trance-dance-techno-whatever I think “I should listen more to trance-dance-techno-whatever!

It’s music for happy people and I am (at least 10% of the time) a happy person. So today, and other times when I have nothing better to rant about I will write about one of the music genera that is most laughed about by smug fuckers thinking they know everything (oh, there are many of those annoying people).

The first track I will play for you iz… Members of Mayday – 10 in 01

Listen to it. As it builds up and then falls down then flies up again. Every real trance-dance-techno-whatever hit is like life; great happiness followed by void followed by new happiness! This song is no exception. The main theme brushes gently into your ear as the background jumps around. Oh, it’s great!

The next little gem is made by the great dance master known as ATB. Oh, I listen a lot to him when I was younger. His first worldwide hit was 9 PM (Til I Come). A song about sex and orgasm that had the fascinating ATB sample that was just discovered by accident (or something). Anyway, I will play a remix now that I think is even better than the orignal. It’s ATB – 9pm (Till I Come) [Sequential One Remix] , bitch!

So as said above ATB is great, but since I just played a remix of his original song, I think it would be nice to also play a remix done by ATB. It is a remix of one of the all time greatest dance classics, by Miss Jane (just Jane to be honest) called It’s a fine day. To me, It’s a fine day, really confirms what I said introductory that Trance-dance-techno-whatever is music for the happy people. The song is about life and how fine the days can be. The remix that I now will play really takes a even more manic spin on a already euphoric track. I give you Miss Jane – Its a fine day (ATB Remix)

Blog 2.0 - You may think ''Play some angry person screams in ANGER music. That shit is fo REALZ! No stupid nonsense like these Trance-dance-techno-whatever shit! They be singing about MY LIFE! Living in the hood/suburbs, experiencing drive-bys/lightness of living'' Where I say ''SHUT the FUCK UP, YOU FRONTING MOTHER FUCKER!''.


Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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