It’s on! (KNAUSGÅRD); Part 2 – Surfaces and covers

12 Aug


Ugh! Look at him. Happy like a child who has gotten his will. Notice the brown aura? To me the brown will always be about ''That's just the way it is'', ''Do not judge me!'' and''...''

As all my faithful readers know I am a hater and I hate Karl Ove Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!). I made a rant about it earlier, but you knew that right?

Provocative, so it must be art! According to the pamphlet it's ''Self-portrait of Egon Schiele 1911, depicting masturbation.'' Nice, isn't it?

To recap (Previously on AMC…); I went to the city of filth feeling gloomy and thus vomit out my opinions about a man who makes “art” about taboo (KNAUSGÅRD!). What others could call “provocative literature“. Anyway, then a friend challenged me to read his debut novel called «Out of the World». I don’t remember why. BUT I WILL! I’ll show her!

Now… I wouldn’t care about Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!) any more than any other pervert if it wasn’t for a public’s declaration of genius. He be the talk of the town. Winning prizes and posing outside of buildings made of concrete looking smug!

Let me tell you a story I heard once, that might be relatebal to the issue at hand. There were two girls I knew that was at a buss-stop when a shabby looking man went behind the glass window of the hut and started “pleasuring himself“? You know… “polishing the bishop“…Hmm? You with?


Well I don’t care about that incident. He was probably crazy and the girls was probably dressed provocatively, but… If, say, a person stood beside him and applauded. Telling everybody what “intelligent expressive rebellion of the suppressed Christian sexuality” this was I would probably write a blog about it.

Art! Art! Art! It takes a symbol the ''old greys'' believe is of ''value'', ''importance'' and add a post-modern commercialism iconography. IT'S ART! ''TGIF!'' Wow, that makes me see think things anew!

AND NOW! NOW! NOW! I have gone to the library and borrowed the book. Yes, borrowed. HE WILL NOT EARN A PENNY (øre) from me. NOT A PENNY! So beside me right now lies the book.


The book is big with blue blurry cover that looks like forest or park area with a piece of clothing (perhaps a bra?) hanging from a twig. It’s a hard cover edition, 562 pages long, and weighs what you would expect from a book of that length. The backside gives us a short summary of the plot and then tells us we should expect a “beautiful love story” that could fit in among other authors like Hamsun, Nabokov (I don’t know who he is, but I don’t care either) and Dostoyevsky.

In part 3 I will tell what was inside the book. I would suspect you are just as exited as I am.

Blog 2.0 - May not be art, but hopes to be provocative.

PS: A little bit of exit music to set the mode, and perhaps a little bit of depth to the crazy nonsense:)


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