My views on the Smoking bans (A very outdated post)

1 Aug

Warning: Crazy nonsense. May destroy your mind!

I am soon going to Hollywood to put the fear of God in those godless heathens!

And success will be imminent as, you know, God helps his faithful followers (just ask Job). The point is that after my success everyone will want a piece of me.

Strangers in the street will yell; “Hey, AndyAce83. We loved what you did in that thing!“, “AndyAce83, I want to have your baby!” and “Love you so much I will kill myself.” I will naturally wear sunglasses and look angry so they will know that I am better than them. Ahh, happy times awaits.

What was I writing about again? Oh, yeah. Smoking bans in pubs and bars. I will get to that, I just need to daydream some more.

So everybody would want a piece of me and I would give it to many young and pretty ladies. Hard and sloppy, the AndyAce83 way! I will become one of those that I hated. The once I wanted to destroy by throwing the bible in their face. My plan was to run into Bill Maher office and say: “Take that Lucifer” with a kick-throw in his stomach and using bible paper for ninja stars cutting off his big nose. Also I would run into Asia Carrera and scream: “Whore of Babylon, your time is up! JUDO PUNCH! HOOYAAAA!“.

When I get to Hollywood, she will probably be legal. Hmm, tender, tight and crazy! Nothing wrong with that:)

Instead I would screamTHERE IS NO GOD” in a back room at a bar with red eyes and blood from my nose as I just killed another stripper-whore for the thrill in a delirium of drugs. Her stretch marks telling me I have made someone an orphan (as there are no fathers in Hollywood).

I am closing in on the point of smoking in bars now. Relax, man! Chill out. I know you are used to the internet giving you the fix at once, but in AMC we take a journey.

So I would be a failure in my success, and my life would become an exciting downwards spiral of infamy. Keywords being; violence, sex, drugs and MURDER!. Of course a book had to be written of my life. It would probably be called “AndyAce83- destructively exciting genius“, or “AndyAce83 – I can’t believe I fucked them all!

In that biography, to really emphasise the tragedy of my life, they would start in my innocent childhood. Then moving forward to my teenage life, early adulthood etc. Trying to find out where my downfall from grace to nihilistic annihilation (another great title for my book) began.

''from grace to nihilistic annihilation''- Yeah, I like that tittle the most. Do I hear of a Pulitzer Prize?

The answer would not be simple as there are lots of fascinating details to be revealed and lot’s of possible psychological motives for self-destruction. But one thing they would have to explore is one of my most important character traits; my intense burning for a subject for a while and then sudden disinterest.

Throughout my years, lots of what I would call “important” issues have been rebelled and argument for ad nauseam. In my early teens it was idealistic beliefs in the right of teens (believe it or not), in my late teens it was a rebel against the powers that be, in my early twenties it was smoking bans and now it’s the growing number of “freethinkers” who is using that phrase like a badge of honour (when I would make the claim that it is quite the opposite).

So with intense passion, heat, even anger I have fought for or against these different matters. I was like a broken record in the dessert sun that suddenly burned up to cinder.The fight has been fought and lost, but for your pleasure, and my future biographers easy reference, I will beat the dead horse one more time. Although now I couldn’t care less.

No smoking Bitch! (I am finally getting to the point)

I am by principal against smoking bans in bars and nightclubs as it’s a enormous loss in our civil liberties. If one makes the argument of health, I would make the claim that we are all going to die anyway. If one makes the argument of longer life, I would say we have no guarantees anyway. If one makes the argument of concern for people with lung-disease and allergies, I would make the claim that 1) sickly people shouldn’t be in bars anyway and 2) if we take consideration for them what about disco-lights for people with epilepsy or loud music giving us all hearing defects. If one makes the argument of smell, I would say that if you come back from a night on the town smelling of roses you have not been partying anyway. Debauchery smells of infected bodily fluids and cigarette smoke conceals much of it (another free tip from AMC;)

But this is not the main problem of smoking bans in bars and nightclubs. It goes far deeper than that, almost all the way to the illuminati and the white house. The problem is how it was forced upon us by the power that be (a theme in all my rebellions!). How we didn’t get any alternatives (and alternatives to the alternatives… see, another theme!) but instead got to be forced to be forced outside (yes, I am a smoker.) in the cold like the homosexuals once was. The sheeple saying “this is great because [baaa!!!]” not seeing the trouble this causes for everything else.

Psychic (or crazy or both. You decide. Send an SMS to 45-CRAZY to cast your vote)

Now I have made the suggestion before (many chapters in my biography will probably explore this) that I am psychic. In this case I gave the prophesy that “THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!”. It was probably not noticed by my friends as it came between other prophesies of doom (i.e “Feminism will be the end of us all!”, “DEATH AWAITS!”, “Meat is dead animals” and “My tooth hurts. I may have cavities.”), but time has proven me right.

Before the discussions was “Where should people be allowed to take a cigarette brake?” but now it’s “Where else could we ban people from having a cigarette brake?“. Sheeple have screamed the disgust with people who do not take to the healthy lifestyle of just alcohol, whoring and weed smoking. And now… I just don’t care. There will always be sheeple, and they will always be the real majority.

But it’s not that bad, cuz I will become a great Hollywood success story that will have sex with many sexy ladies before I die. So what do I care?

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