Resident Evil: Apocalypse – The film that saved my faith in films.

25 Jul



As you may or may not know; I have a degree in film (I am a bachelor in more than one way) and so I have seen my fair share of different kinds of movies.

I remember my first year of study. We saw a lot of critically acclaimed and canonical films, important to know and understand as a film-analyst. To understand them historically, stylistically and pretty much dissect them to death for good grades.

Oh, the horror! Many of the films were pompous, long (in length and in sense) and gave great headaches. Few, if any, where relatable and none where entertaining.

So I thought:
Perhaps I shouldn’t study films after all?“. I was going through a crisis! The kind that would make a lousy film but many French directors (aka. auteur) would still make. The personal crisis kind of crisis. The kind where you look in the mirror for a long time, boring yourself and anyone who would watch (Ahh, but the art!).

I had just watched a 3 hour long silent picture about a war long since forgotten. The movie was important since it was the first “Hollywood style picture” and it dragged on and on and on. I wanted to leave, not only the hall where the movie was viewed but college and studies altogether. I had forgotten why I loved films. (Plot point one)

So I walked the rainy streets of the town in my soaked cloak having deep inner monologues about my pain and how the deterministic world could never understand me. I lit a cigarette looking at my reflection in a window, thinking “Qui pourrait comprendre que les femmes?” and also “What should I do?“.

A thunder roared on the hills. A storm was coming and the rain fell louder, stronger, harder than before. It seemed the whole world was melting away. I touched my lips, like any artistic guy would do. You know as a pastiche to that French film who discovered jump-cut. I felt so alone in this world with this profound inner entropy.

But then as a almost symbolic or metaphorical event I looked past my reflection in the window and saw a stack of Resident Evil: Apocalypse DVD’s on the shelf. (Plot point two) Mila fighting Zombies for another round? Perhaps I should rent that one? Give film another chance. So I brought the DVD home with some candy, chips and coke.

I had the BEST TIME! This film was not symbolic, or deep, or long or pretentious, or political, or with great mis-en-scen. IT WAS JUST AN ENTERTAINING FILM ABOUT FANTASY! It was not EXTREME or anything. Just entertaining.

I finished school, with this at heart: Yes, there are great movies out there about real existential problems. But sometimes we want brain candy too. Not every film that is made should be groundbreaking or revolutionary. Sometimes a film about women killing zombies could suffice, cuz sometimes we need to escape the silence too leave that Port of Shadows and just have a film leave us breathless in entertainment. Fuck Adorno! I want to have fun!


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