Quiz – How they should be!

20 Jul

Wonder and ponder to sunder.

I have been to a couple of quizzes in my life and I have made the following observation; some of them are way to hard!

Let’s take a question I made up by going to wikipedia and finding some obscure knowledge. “Which band was Jerry Dammers founder and keyboard player in?”.

The answer was “The specials“.

Okay, many could perhaps have the answer too that question but you have to have very special knowledge of the specials (hehe?) to know it. And the trouble is that often these kinds of questions are the main type of question. The special knowledge kind.

I always think that a good quiz test all kinds of varying knowledge. What’s easy for some may be hard for others. To put it in an example: The persons having knowledge about The Specials may not have much knowledge of Lady Gaga and vica versa. That’s why one should have a broad spans over different themes, genres and difficulty. Not everybody know the capitol of Polan (Warsaw), but they may know who directed the original Inglorious Bastards (Enzo G. Castellari) etc. etc. etc.

Now for the advanced quiz master there is another level of achievement. The hint within the question. This one is a though one as it demands thought and not just random page in a lexicon.

Here’s an example: Lady Gaga (I’m obsessed by her!) made a song with Beyonce called Telephone. This song was originally made to another singing lady. Who?

Now this is not a great example since I’m not a quiz master (I’m more of a quiz apprentice or quiz novice) but the question has the criteria I am looking for. It has a pop-cultural start and gives hints to people who do not know the answer right away. They still have the ability to guess by the clue “singing lady“. This could be anyone; Ke$ha, Christina Aguilera, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and so on. The answer was Brittany Spears, and could be easily guessed wrong but the mind doesn’t have to stop if they don’t know the answer.

So that’s my view upon quizzes.
Tell your friends:)

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