I’m a freethinker, but are you? (A check list)

17 Jul

We all know that we are freethinkers and we have the internet to prove it. But sometimes we fear that we may not be freethinkers enough. It is a constant battle to be a individual with strong, concious opinions, so we have to read other peoples blogs that can confirm our knowledge. “Yes“, we think “Ain’t that the truth!” and we feel at ease again. Knowing that we know.

''Am I really thinking freely enough?'', our anxious minds sometimes think. I blame religion!

Unfortunately our animal self has a dark side that it needs to return to, and our self-consciousness becomes clear and aware again. So sometimes we look into the mirror and think; “Am I really the freethinker I think I am?“.

But now you don’t have to fear any more that you are less of a freethinker than anyone else at the party. Now you can say loudly and proudly “I am a freethinker cuz I took a test!” (and of course add where you found it and what clever insightful internet page it was). For free, as all freethinking should be, I give thee a check-list.


Click on the image to get a greater size.


All “yes”: You are the essence of a freethinker and the central for real knowledge and truth.

Most “yes”: You are nodoubt a freethinker but you have to read some more books by other freethinkers and watch some stand-up comedy about how stupid some people are (i.e George Carlin or Penn Jillette) and remember keep feeling smug.

Most “No”: *Sigh* You are a conservative who probably believes in a talking dead guy in the sky. How stupid are you? Lol! But seriously, I hope you die!

All “No”: Fuck you! I will abort my fetuses as much as I want! I will sodomize who I want. I will do what I want and don’t you JUDGE ME!

Most “Idunno”: It’s okay as long as you keep your mouth shut and don’t ask any questions.

All “Idunno”: Who’s this retard?

Blog 2.0 - Freethink is the future and I wear my sunglasses @ night!


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