Deep blue sea – Sharks and surprises

15 Jul

The Poster for the Movie


No one can say that I work hard to be current and news oriented in my blog. I write about things that effect me and now I just remembered the movie Deep Blue Sea.

That’s a great movie.

It’s not great as in “original” like Jaws (1975), or great as an epic masterpiece like Gone with the wind (1939) or great as in incomprehensible art movie like Fellini’s 8 1/2 (1963).

It’s great in being stupid entertainment that isn’t all that bad.

The reasons why AMC gives this movie two thumbs up are as follows:

1) It’s short and to the point.

According to the length of the movie is 105 min and that’s seems about right. That gives enough time to introduce the characters, making them sympathetic or unsympathetic and then letting them get killed one by one.

2) The characters may be generic, but not completely unbelievably cardboard-y

Yes, you have the mad scientist, but she isn’t all that mad. And we have two black guys talking street but they aren’t annoyingly stereotypical. The characters work for their purpose. They seem real enough to be eaten.

3) The twists and turns surprises you (or at least me).

So the plot isn’t a dream, or there isn’t a great political sub-plot here in a realistic social-economic backdropping. The killer isn’t revealed at the last minute or they turn out to be ghosts but the sharks is ugly and mean and he really is hungry.

4) The editing isn’t made by a brain-dead teen with ADD on coke.

Okay, I got no proof of that, but if it was edited by a brain-dead teen with ADD on coke you wouldn’t notice it.

5) It may not be realistic, but at least they are trying.

Films on this side of the millennium have lost this point; “To try to be convincing“.
They go more for; “Accept it cuz you have paid for it! And there isn’t one creative person in Hollywood who have read a book or isn’t smoking weed. And we know you haven’t read a book either (at least not one that isn’t about vampires that glow, or nerd with scars on their forheads) and you are probably smoking weed while you watching so… you know it’s all good. It’s moving pictures with CGI, bitch, so you better not complain!.”

6) It’s made by people older than me.


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