The Trouble with «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome.

13 Jul

(With no offence to the mentally handicapped/challenged/whatever of course).


As I have written before; I hate writing about current affairs as it feels like gossiping. I also hate to gossip about unimportant, soon to be forgotten people as I feel I keep alive someone who should be dead. Many people strive for attention from bloggers and other people with nothing better to do and this goes for «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome.

LOL! It's funny because... I dunno.

Normally I would not acknowledge this brain-dead narcissist populist anarchist as he is just a pain in the ass that feeds on people being sour, grumpy and rigid.

When we say “Idiot“, he thinks “They don’t understand my statement about blahblahblah.

Now I don’t know why he does it, nor do I care. I don’t even care that he does it as it seems harmless enough. He just takes a “Kanye” by interrupting for attention. Like a child or a drunk at a wedding.

The Trouble with «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome is not what he does but what the consequences for it is. Every time we have a terrorist attack, a drunk on the plane or a “funny” stunt person there is an decrease in our liberties.

Here’s another example of this:
The Super bowl wardrobe “mishap”.

Oh, no! A teat! What will the male gay community say!

I did not see this stunt as 1) I don’t care about sports and 2) I do not care about American football half-time shows either. But I sure got to hear about this half-time show. Oh, the humanity!


Did this stunt provoke me?
No of course not“, you probably think.
AndyAce83 has seen a breast or two before. He may even a touched one as the worldly man that he is. He wouldn’t be offended by watching a natural beautiful thing.”

But the answer is:
HELL YEAH! I was provoked!

Not because I got to see a breast, but because it was RETARDED! Why should I be forced to fill Janet Jacksons exhibitionist needs? Couldn’t she just pole-dance at a Cat-R-Ho strip-joint?

But I digress, because my embarrassment over that nonsense is my own, and should not be anyone else’s problems. There where probably lot’s of people who found it funny (even I when I just heard about it. But don’t tell anyone!) and may even have have thought it a provocative statement about female sexuality (Not me!) or something like that. We can all find meanings in thrash cans.

(Insightful rant continues below the picture)

Lol.''Take that Society! I am dancing on ESC!''

But that is not the point either! The point is the consequence. And do you know the consequence of that “hilarious” flashing? INCREASED CENSORSHIP and thus DECREASED LIBERTIES!

And that’s just one side of it. Jimmy Jump’s fun run to nowhere will probably increase security on all great events with more security guards, perhaps armed and with broader licenses etc.

But that’s a good thing, right?“, you may think. “Jimmy Jump is just testing how secure we are. That’s where he be a genius, isn’t it?


Listen… Security is important for people with angst and most of us have it. But we shouldn’t let it run our lives. Obama once came to Oslo to get an award for winning the election. Now President Obama is an important person, and important people get enemies.

So Oslo needed security!

Security in knowing that someone is aiming his or her rifle at you. Just to be on the safe side. (Picture taken by Smidth)

There where snipers on the roofs, there where helicopters in the sky, armed policemen and probably lot’s more I didn’t noticed. It seemed like Oslo was under siege. And why? Because the US president was about to get an award for winning an election! I WAS SCARED! Every time I went in my pocket for my mobile phone I was afraid I would seem suspicious and get shot. THAT’S THE CONSEQUENCE OF TO MUCH SECURITY! WE GET MORE SCARED!

So in conclusion:
Jimmy Jump is not funny (unless you find rude spoiled children funny) but he is dangerous. Not dangerous like an angry Mullah with brainwashed followers or a charismatic leader telling us we need restrictions for safety, but dangerous like the braindead patient with an infectious decease that takes away all our resources we could have used on dangerous Mullahs and charismatic despots.

Blog 2.0 - Is not an attention junkie but thanks you for reading me:)

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