New Layout. (Going for “Happy-go-Crazy”)

28 Jun


I choose this happy colour so that people will not be depressed just by looking at it. I now go for more cotton candy and vinegar. Hmm… “cotton candy and vinegar.”

My blog entries are really happy in it’s BS rantings, it was just the gloomy colours that gave the impression of death, destruction and depression. I was going for “happy-go-crazy” not “I’m so sad I want to cry and then spread my tears across the world. Bhu-hu” kind of theme.

Now this is going to change with this happy pink colour. I feel better already.

I may hate humanism, Dawkins (DAWKINS!), Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!), social porn, atheism, deconstructionism, feminism, naive positivism, materialism, shallowness, Hollywood, greedy rich people, people who moralize about being moralizing, post-modernism, PC censorship, terrorism, optimization, violence against woman, clichés (especially in daily human interaction), hipsters, religious people who believe and have faith only in their power to control others, trivialization of moral degradations, artsy-fartsy nonsense, better than thou-liberals, animal cruelty, serial-monogamy, communism, young know-it-alls, coincidence as explanation for everything, teen superstars, celebrity world savers (especially Bob Dylan, Bono Al Gore and John Lennon), Bob Dylan x2, John Lennon x2, Elton John, Mulla Krekar, politician of every personification, guilt tripping environmentalist, racism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance, life in general, Paris Hilton (and all her imitators), Megan Fox (when her mouth is open), teachers, abortion, suicide as a solution, people who don’t like Rachel Ray, Akon, New Age, drugs, drug romanticizing or fronting (especially weed! The dullest of all drugs), hippies, video-games that are stupid, cancer, the vagina monologues, vulgar comedians who are not funny, depression, hypocrisy (especially when I’m get caught being it) capitalist (not capitalism), films that last for three hours, Israel on a rainy day, Palestine in the sunshine, HTML codes, people who claims to know the truth, bitching about blogging inn once blog, writing blogs in English just because you believe more people will read it and general badness…

…but I don’t hate you:)

Blog 2.0 - Changes is good. Who said it wasn't?


4 Responses to “New Layout. (Going for “Happy-go-Crazy”)”

  1. datGurl! June 29, 2010 at 6:30 am #

    yeah. I like. ~*

    • AndyAce83 June 29, 2010 at 10:26 am #

      Thank you:)

      You’ve changed your layout too, I see. Then I started to worry… I didn’t steal your theme? I can’t remember exactly how your layout looked so… I hope we didn’t meet at the party with the same outfit;)

      Anyway change is great:)
      Yes, we can!
      No, we couldn’t.
      There will be six more years in Afghanistan.


      • datGurl! June 30, 2010 at 11:52 pm #

        no actually u didnt. I had that “Vintage” theme for almost 3 years and was thinkin’ of makin’ a change. After I came by your place and saw u had changed, I decided it was time for me to go head and get ‘er done…

        “Yes, we can!
        No, we couldn’t.
        There will be six more years in Afghanistan.”

        Boi, you crazy!~

  2. AndyAce83 July 2, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

    That’s good to know and it’s also nice to know that I inspired you for change. I feel like Dr. Phil now. Perhaps I should write a book about it;)

    And yeah… I am crazy:)

    But only in the socially acceptable way. I know the norms and therefore know that it is impolite to talk too the voices in my head when I have company and it’s wrong to hit people even if they have goblins on their foreheads;)


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