Look! It’s a picture!

21 Jun

So here’s a picture. Now let’s analyse it!

What can we say about this picture?

Well on a referential level, it’s a picture of a hole in the wall. We can see cracks running out of it and also lots of chipps that has fallen off.

Explicitly I would guess this is a picture of decay.

Implicitly this picture is probably a statement of our new found sexuality represented by the hole that is slowly disintegrating and widening over time. The blackness within the hole can give associations to void, darkness and horror, but in Asia the colour black is a colour of happiness (or so I heard at a drunken party once) so I think the choice of colour is rather ambivalent.

Symptomatically I would make the conclusion that this is not art as the picture is not in black and white, nor is it taken by a former super-model (or other pretty but dumb woman).

Blog 2.0 - Doesn't lie.

(blog update 24th of June: Many have written to me (no, not really) and asked me “Why are you calling this a movie comment when it’s just an analyse of a still picture?“. Well, dear reader, you have to remember that every movie is just a series of still pictures. Besides I use the analytical jargon given by Bordwell and Thompsons “Film Art“. There you have the answer!


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