Suicide blogs

13 Jun

Dear Internet,
as you may already know AMC is the kind of blog about the lighter sides. A sort of shallow, trivial, happy-go-lucky, whimsical and innocent fun that gives you a well deserved break from everyday life. This entry is of no exception. Today I am going to write about…

Suicide blogs.

I’ve read the worst kind of social porn blogs. The blogs that state suicidal ideation. I feel my skin crawl as people state their plans toward committing suicide. I won’t get into details of how I found them, but basically it’s just a bunch of hypertext clicking on wordpress.

Depression - Through colours I've tried to explain depression to the emotional numb person.

First, it’s so personal I really feel uncomfortable reading it. It’s like I have no place being in that realm of their world. It’s waaaaaay to personal. Still they post it, so someone where suppose to read it.

Secondly, I feel the need to say something. It’s like you walk towards a bridge and you see someone standing on the wrong side of the fence, you can’t just walk away, can you?

Of course you can… but it isn’t very nice.

So what can one say to a person who wants to die? I don’t know. I really don’t. I could say that “it’s probably just a chemical unbalance in your body that could be adjusted with some exercise and perhaps some medications“, or be casual and happy and say “Cheer up”.

I choose the latter, but I’m not sure that would help. I think the best thing to do when someone writes on-line suicide notes is to ask them to take contact with a psychiatrist or healthcare professional (I know that there is a debate whether psychiatry helps or not, but it helps more than overlooking a problem or pretending nothing is wrong).

Non-depression or ''happiness'' also through colours.

I remember once there was this guy who streamed from a web camera who stated that he would kill himself at a certain time. According to the news, people gathered around the computer and did nothing except stare and some even cheer . No one called the police, no one did anything until he finally murdered himself. (YOU SEE WHY I HATE HUMANISM? YOU SEE? NO?)

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not fall for the bystander effect, and therefore will not just stand idly by when someone says they’re going to kill them self or they collapses in the street or what not.

But the problem is… everybody got their problems, and we can not help them all. So I don’t google the internet for suicide blogs to try to help every depressed teen or alienated individual. I would guess that that would be a 24 hour a day job. There are lots of people with problems…

But if you want to kill yourself please don’t. I won’t lie and say that everything will work out. That life is so great and fascinating that in and of itself it’s worth doing, or some other happy naive nonsense.

So why shouldn’t a depressed person kill them self?


There’s always hope?

Blog 2.0 - Doesn't have all the answers I'm afraid, but perhaps that's a good thing?

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