It’s on! (KNAUSGÅRD)

10 Jun

So as you may have noticed I am a grumpy young (relatively speaking) man who murmurs about lots and get’s easily irritated by much. This again leads to many enemies and hatred towards others. These enemies of mine are often personifications of a movement, ideology or cause. Their movement, ideology or cause. Of course the hatred is rather one sided since I hate them because of what they represent, while they don’t know who I am as I’m a nobody (BUT THEY WILL FEEL MY WRATH ONE DAY!)

The list of people I hate have become long through the years as many have been added but few have been removed. Often my annoyance have started with an institution that has then gotten a spokesperson. For instance I have hated atheism, but I have not hated a single atheist before Richard Dawkins (DAWKINS!) but I have also hated humanism, but there isn’t a face there to be hated.

There is a movement that I hate, that is close to post-modernism and other nonsense, which is called (de)structuralism. Now there have been many spokespeople for that movement, but many died of AIDS before I got born or got an opinion of my own, so my hatred where never personified before.

That was until now…

Now a bearded Norwegian has taken a stand! He drew the line and his name is Karl Ove Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!). Ugh! What a horrid person! I could write endless pages about how I hate him, why and when.

So since I am a nobody and few gives a shit about my opinion, I tend to share my rants with my friends. «I hate Richard Dawkins… that smug British fuck», «God, those stupid birkenstock wearing feminist. Why wont they just suck a dyke and die!» and the like can be constantly heard when I walk the cities with my friends.

Karl Ove Knausgård. Look at him. Ugh!

They hate my rants!

So one day… Today… My friends E (not the drug), Smidth, the writer of En kopp kaffe ved midnatt (see link at the sidebar—>), and I was walking along one of the many streets of Oslo. Oslo is the kind of place I could write countless pages about how much I hate, but that is not the point.

The point is I was ranting about Karl Ove Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!) and how much I hate his «deconstructing liberal nonsense. His brown «that just the way it is» books about the next depravity. Oh, and he’s ugly too».

Of course I made a better case in Oslo. The stench hole of Oslo gave me inspiration to put into words the depth less idiocy, moral hatred and anomic destruction of anything for the sake of nothing that Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!) and his deconstruction leads to.

So Smidth got tiered of my rant. I don’t know why as anyone with half a brain could understand Knausgård’s (KNAUSGÅRD!) agenda here since there isn’t one. He is just another emotionally retarded pervert with nothing to do but fart and make us all smell it.

Anyway… Smidth got annoyed and said «Have you read the book?».
She was referring to his début novel as I have ferociously ripped it apart with my prophesy of doom. The book, «Out of the World», is basically a book about a teachers fucking one of his 12-14 year old students, and I could not for my mind understand why it could be critically acclaimed by anyone other than a over sexual whore master.

I said «No», to her question about reading it and added «do I need to
«Yes», she claimed as she was tiered of hearing my foundationless arguments about moral deprivations and how she believed that the book must have some other aspect of it other than breaking moral code to make it great.
«So I have to smoke harsh too then to be against it?», I said patronizing.
«No», she said «but you have to know what your talking about».
«Okay», I said, «I will read his book»

And now it’s on!

And now IT’S ON!

I will read that God damn book! I will read it and have all my biases confirmed. I will find his book so fucking pointless and blandly vulgar that I will probably only bother reading half (to the first old guy and teen fuck fest) and then BURN the book.

Well, not burn it as I will have borrowed it from the library so I would have to pay for it. BUT IN MY MIND… I would burn it so hard!

But what if I like it? Perish the thought. What to one do when you hate someone and then suddenly realize they weren’t that bad?

Well, fortunately this will not be the case with Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!) as I know that he’s just another…

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2 Responses to “It’s on! (KNAUSGÅRD)”

  1. Elisabeth June 10, 2010 at 11:26 pm #

    Yabba dabba doooooooooooooooooo…… never ends

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