Musing on music while thinking of the gay’s days

30 May

80’s music…
Very gay. It makes me think; was it just fashion or was it something more gayish under? To rephrase; did the artist back then just seem gay or where they in those days?

We all know that Boy George liked to be happy and gay. Later George Michael turned out the same way. Michael Jackson was also probably a knight of the ass, but not the PC kind. Morrissey is still unclear… if you want to, but… lets be honest…

Anyway this is Tear for Queers.

The video is basically an effeminate guy sitting in the living room looking sad and touching window while his friend (and co-artist) dances karate dance in the garden. Very gay. But fashionably gay or just regularly gay? And why do I care?

Well, it’s all about the history of suppression. How, where and who decides where, how and who gets suppressed? If an entire decade (perhaps two, if you count the 70’s) was dedicated to gayness (just not explicitly) then how can someone portray gay people as suppressed? Is it about the explicit? Is it about the rights to rights? Is one only thoroughly liberated when everybody accepts, condones and applauds ones actions? Do one have to be explicitly gay to liberate homosexuality? To me, it’s gay enough to touch windows. More windows touching and less parading please.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - Sometimes Blog 2.0 touches windows too.

(Blog update 30th of june 2010: So I was making fun of MJ in this blog. Hinting at his rumours of being a… you know. There have been a lot of rumours about this strange alien creature like 1) he being white because of plastic surgery not pigment decease and 2) his children not being his.

Now since I am a cynical whore I believe every bad thing said about every person on earth. So I read a gossip magazine a couple of days ago and there where (pa-pa) paparazzi pictures of his children where one of the children had a pigment decease. WOW! And suddenly I saw that the youngest child looked like MJ too. His children proved me wrong.

So although I am a cynical bastard I still believe I have the ability to admit wrong doings and I will do this now. If I am wrong about MJ’s plastic surgery (he has had it but not to become white) and his children being not his… Then I can be wrong about his other things to.

His children proved me wrong“. Sort of pleasing and nice isn’t it? I guess my prescription is kicking in.)

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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