I fell in love with a feminist, I fell in love with her SMILE:)

13 May

This youtube sight also has it's own web page. Women, click on this link and start clicking your clitt.

My favoritt Youtube site.

Feministing it’s called.

Sounds sexy!

I can feel my balls falling off from the first video.

I also like that this channel is one of the few youtube video sites that there are no rating or commenting allowed. That says alot about feminism, don’t ya think? They are allowed to say “Hate you”, “Fuck you”, “All males are degenerates” but no one is allowed to talk back. To talk back is misogynistic (you know like rape and heterosexuality.)

Fortunately I have my own blog! I don’t need to comment on their pages… I can just post MY OPINIONS HERE!

Here’s a gem (press twice to get to youtube, as it’s probably blocked from external use):

Hmm, she’s perrty… I love the way she smiles like “Hey, I am so over you daddy! I don’t care at all. You didn’t have to love me. I can love myself. Myself, yeah! Hey, don’t look at me like that, daddy! Go away. Don’t look at me, man! I’m a monster!

Hmm… “monster”

“Fuck you”, she says. Yeah, don’t mind if you do. You can fuck me any time soon. Preferably before that mustasj [sic] every angry feminist gets becomes too apparent. I would do you! I would do you so hard! Oh, that smile… hmm…

Blog 2.0 - Get's horny from selfdenile

Blog 2.0 - Get's horny from self-denial. Tell me I'm no good for you. Yeah, that's right. Hmm... and that daddy smile...ohh!

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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