An hypotheses about “shock”.

30 Apr

I don’t know about how it is internationally, but Norwegian journalist use the word “shocks” a lot about the latest stunt from the B too Z celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan shocks yet again with being drunk in church“,
Rachel Corigan shock by having tattooed her forehead“,
Megan Fox shocks by saying she masturbate while reading the God delusion
Lady Gaga blah blah blah

What I first noticed was that only female celebrities can “shock“. (Now this is not a feminist statement, although it probably could be used as one, but just an observation.)

Secondly I thought, can one really shock more than once?

Yes, you probably can. If you start out with small indiscretions and build yourself upwards toward the great degradations. But most B-Z celebrities have already done the great ones so why should we care?

The answer is simple. We have nothing better to do. It’s sad.

''Sweet. Ahh:)''

''Shocking! Oh, so shocking!''



And so the stories goes. Some shorter than others.

''Ahh, cute ginger kid.''

''zzz...zzz...zzz.... uh? oh, Lindsay is dating a new man, that's...zzz...zzz'''


Well, the examples are limitless, but I can’t pay more paparazzi (aka. parasite) photographers for evidence. Sorry.

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