About The Knife (The Swedish electronica band)

28 Apr

The Knife can sometimes be very artsy-fartsy and even worse… [birds and Darwin and rape and a hint of Swedish feminism (the worst kind)]! But sometimes one has to accept certain parts about a person, band or movement to enjoy the results. To look past whatever one can not agree on and focus on what one can agree on.

Like Hamsun…

Like the redwood tree…

Like Lynch…

I effing hate Lynch! All his movies sucks! Except one… The Twin Peaks franchise. So I have to ignore all those other pompous, completely incomprehensible (“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.“)nonsense he has made (i.e Moholland drive and everything else) and just focus on the one thing that worked. Where nonsense and meaning came together to form a series about human darkness.

It isn’t hard not to be understood… all you have to do is…

Anyway… this is the Knife.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - It isn't hard to be a redwood tree or a snowball all you have to do is not be understood? ''What are you doing? We don't stop here.'''Hey! Look at me. And tell me if you've known me before''.

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