Nothing new… Part 2 – The Return of Void.

14 Apr

Nothing new to write about today. I keep myself busy. Idle hands, you know, are the democrats and socialists plaything.

Anyway, highway, void.

Moving on…

Lol, it's funny because it's Nerd (NB! This is satire. AMC does not believe, nor indent to spread the rumour that Richard Dawkins condones paedophilia. I just thought it funny to run his smug face in the dirt.)

Satire, satire, satire. Richard Dawkins is NOT a rapist (to my knowledge). I just make fun of his biological views that could justify inhuman actions as ''born that way''. Get it? It's funny, believe me. Just read it again.

Blog 2.0 - Keeps you posted.

Blog 2.0 - Keeps you posted (and needs to explain the joke).

PS: Richard Dawkins according to wikipedia “coined the word meme”, and I have now made an attempt of the internet kind, so if you are in the poetical corner you may call this a “full circle”.

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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