So the Fridays goes by…

2 Apr

You know what the most embarrassing thing in the world can be?

People who are really edgy, provocative, blasphemous, vulgar and uses all the freedoms of speech and still isn’t funny.

Fuck… Mother FUCKing… get it? I use FUCK! It’s comedy gold, because it’s a word that’s naughty! I’z also be a African-American stereotype.

It’s like when I watch The Daily Show with John Stewart. I can’t stand that show. There are many, many many reasons why I don’t like that show, but mostly it’s because he swears alot, and still isn’t funny!

HAHAHA… It’s funny because it’s liberal… and he makes a funny face… and he takes a shit on someone who has an extreme anti-liberal stand. And he swears alot, but it get’s edited out. So he is kind of on the edge of what is OKAY, but he is not crossing over. Hahaha… now that’s comedy gold.

JON STEWART STOP EDITING OUT FUCK! It annoys the hell out of me! Either you don’t say it, or you say it without the *bleeps*! I know you won’t be as funny when your not allowed to swear, but perhaps your smugness will get you halfway there.

Anyway, a great source for unfunny “provocative” humour is from women who watches males aggressive jokes and thinks “I want to do that too… And I can, because I am a woman, and I can do ALLLL the things a man can do.” Then you get horrible things like THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES.

You want to poke out your eyes when watching The Vagina Monologues, and then you realize that poking your eyes will only help not to see. You want to shut-out their harpy voices and that horrible “I get it because I’m an intellectual” aka academic laughs from the audience so you also have to poke out your eardrums. And probably tear of your balls. (Get it… “Balls”? “Balls”! “B.A.L.L.S”. “Balls”, I’m reclaiming it.)

Then again… things that are embarrassing can also be funny. I just think it’s sad when people mix up vulgar as the same as funny. It’s not. Funny is about alot more than raping someone for laughs.

Sooo… as a final note I should perhaps address those who read my blog and find my jokes and comments terribly unfunny.

First, I am not trying to be funny. I’m do not claim to be a stand-up-comedian. If you laugh, that’s great, if you cry, scream, rage, feel indifferent that’s okay to. All emotions are accepted at AMC.

Secondly, you get it for free, so you can’t complain.

And so the Fridays goes by…

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