So the Thursdays goes by…

1 Apr

So the terrorist behind 2010 Moscow Metro bombings says “I am behind it“, to the many news papers of the world.

My God he looks like a dullard. Look at that beard and hat. I get so sleepy from looking. I don't even know his cause., don care either. So sleepy.


Now, I know that this man is a dangerous guy I just find terrorism so dull. I don’t care! Leave us alone!

So tired and bored…

Mr. Doku Umarov, please die and stop bothering the world with your destructive nonsense. Kill government leaders if you have the balls and stop killing random people who no one except their families cares about.

And so the Thursdays goes by…

More like firecrackers.

Blog 2.0 - My bombs are made of words! More like firecrackers.


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