Let’s do some optimization!

28 Mar

I worked at a place once, then many died, but it was cost efficient. Now you have read everything you needed to know about work optimization.

If you want to know what's good for you, don't question progress. Progress is good. It's all good. You kept your job, didn't you? You still want to keep it, don't you? Then keep your mouth shut.

Still reading? I’ll make a note of that.

We live in 20XX and it is important to be with the progress. No one should ever question progress since all progress is positive. We don’t want to live in a communist country so we have to live in a capitalist one. These are the facts! We all know they’re facts, that’s why they’re facts.

This is a rich guy. Look how hansom he is. You know he has done allot of good for the world. Such innocence. Now he is sad, because taxes are too high and his employers demand to much. Time to OPTIMIZE! You see what he has to do when you behave like that. Do you think he likes firing people? It's you who should have kept your mouth shut. It's your fault! He's soo sorry, but he had to do it, don't you see? If your good, he will be good. It's just that he is so stressed out at work now. Taxes and all! Do you know how hard it is to have a billion dollars in values? It's hard. He is really good. You know that? He won't do it again. He promise. Just don't complain! Keep your fucking mouth shut.

To question capitalism is of course to be a socialist, and as we all know, it’s better to be dead than red. How ironic that soon this may be the case for most workers of the world. Being dead, I mean. (If you can’t appreciate the irony, then you should get back to work you slacker!)

It’s the rule of the world that we have to optimize work-flow every year!

To optimize means to downsize , by delayering to get the “rightsizing” that every firm needs too survive in a competitive world.

Competition is very natural and important. Everything around you are made from competition. It’s what dreams are made of. You have read Ayn Rand, right? No? Not even Machiavelli? By Ford you are naive!

If we didn’t have competition through optimization there would be lower quality in service. Just think when you call costumer support. A painful experience for most as you have to wait for a long time. This is of course because to many are working at that office. By firing the staff it will reduce cost that will give more money to spend on salaries to the more important leaders of the firm that knows how to survive in a cut throat world.

How does this help the consumer?“, you may ask. Nothing!

Are you still confused? You haven’t been to Yale, have you? Ok, let me make it simple.

Optimizing every part of a firm will lead to cost reduction, and cost reduction leads to lower prices. This will not effect the prices of your product or service, but it will perhaps take a longer time before we have to do a price increase. And that’s good isn’t it? And how can we outsource people, that is to rent qualified personnel for short periods without having to pay unnecessary benefits, if we have to many owning a safe job?

Money, money, money. MONEY!

Now a evil bastard cynic (which I am not) could of course just call this optimizing an euphemism for more work for less people on a higher time strain. The stupid commie may even claim that this could be dangerous even fatal in some areas, but we shouldn’t listen to people like that. They aren’t with it, like us. They don’t understand that these are modern times.

To many people means to much chatter, and to much chatter could lead to dangerous amount of laughter or worse that the employers like their jobs. That’s one of the many great benefits of hiring work abroad. The cynic may again claim that this is another form of slavery. That by hiring people with low to no qualification from another country is in some way “amoral”. But it is just to keep the chatter at work at a minimum. You can’t talk to a person who doesn’t understand your language.

The naive idealist may even claim that optimization may lead to work overflow and make the assumption that this could lead to horrible and lethal consequence. We all know that work related accidents comes from too many at a work area, not too few. If a guy get’s hit by a train, it is not because the driver was tired from work pressure and time constraints, it because the guy shouldn’t have been standing in front, or back of the train.

If a patient dies in a hospital from i.e malnutrition, is it because there weren’t enough nurses and doctors there? Yet again, NO, it because there are to many nurses and doctors there and they are all on Facebook, twitter or reading blogs instead of doing their jobs.

Low moral at work is not the employers responsibility. He gives the worker money doesn’t he? And money is all that matters, right? Only an idiot would believe that work could be anything other than work, and only a bigger fool could believe that a better work environment (i.e safer jobs, paid coffee brakes and praise) would raise moral and increase work-flow and productivity.

But the most important part of optimization is to hire youth. Youth is our future and they work for less. Experience is overrated, and the faster a person can be qualified for dangerous jobs the better. We need to reduce the time it takes for person to be ready for work. Cut some corners, and fast! In yesteryear the norm was to make sure that the person was ready to do the work he was about to do. That is nonsense. If the person is alive, then he is ready.

So in conclusion I will say this: Work is work as A is A. Safety is for losers and losers can not lead a company. To say that optimization is an euphemism for dangerous decreases in safety to save a buck is wrong. And to claim that low moral is because the employer doesn’t see the worker but only numbers is to argue on semantics.

Labour is of no importance it's all in stock.

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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