Oh no, please don’t! – Yes, it’s the best of Andy’s Mercury Comments.

18 Mar

Fifteen years, can you believe it?

Today it’s fifteen years since I wrote the first Andy’s Mercury Comment (AMC).

My how time flies.

I remember how it was back in the days. Now kids has got it made. All they need to do is write their blogs using their keypads. Back then you had to write your blogs in binary.

I had this huge book of binary code that I used to write my entries in from notes I had shattered all over tha place. You really had to think a lot about what you would write, and really think if it was worth it.

So since this is my fifteens year of bloging on AMC I thought it would be nice to take a look back at my previous blog entries. Some of my favourite once, perhaps even muse upon their greatness.

This guy died because of what I said, but I have made peace with it.

The first blogentry I would like to mention was the first blog where I wrote about something 4 real, you know? It was called “Let’s talk about racism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance and general badness (“I’m useless, but not for long! The future is coming on”)“.

Wow, that was a hard one to write and I got a lot of trouble for writing it as it was not usual back then to claim that all people are suppressed in one way or another. I even got a call from president Clinton who asked me to please remove the comment as it was causing riots on the east coast of the US. I didn’t of course, as I believe in freedom of speech and all, but you know the 150 people who got killed probably would have understood how important my statement was.

The essences of me. A fetus that smokes:)

Come on! This has got to be art! A foetus that smokes? That has got many layers and is probably provocative too.

Another blog entry that caused alot of stir, although no one got killed, was ““My VERY POSITIVE Abortion Experience” (“Karma Police arrest this girl!”)“. I have always been a clear “pro-choice” guy as that has always gotten me laid but just as important, it has also gotten me out of a lot of trouble post-laid. What I didn’t know was that my blog-entry would stir up so much emotion from the readers. I thought in the year 2009 that people were ready for my liberal thoughts, but those evil pro-lifers gave me a lot of death threats. But FUCK THEM, if they don’t like it they can just… FUCK THEM!

But my blog haven’t always been political, it has just as often been about daily life, like this blog from 2003 show. It’s called “Perhaps I should keep it short? (Short Blogs For Short People)” Some say this was the genesis for the book “Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen “(2005) by Herta Müller. I won’t claim it to be the truth, it’s just what I’ve heard.

Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen

Looking back on all my writing, I would say that I am probably most proud of my entry called “Let’s appreciate some art (“and all that jazz!”)“. I really took an important stand in that one, as I tried to help all those people in Haiti.

You don’t remember Haiti you say? It was an earthquake that brought out the best in us.

Very much like the more recent one in Chile. A heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 on February 27, 2010, killing almost 500, and with a posterior tsunami, that destroyed the most in coastern towns between Llolleo and Araucanía Region. A posterior earthquake in March 11, with epicentre in Pichilemu, caused destruction Coquimbo and Bío Bío regions. You don’t remember that one either? Hmm… Okay… moving on…

''Blog 2.0 (C) really revolutionized the way we think of blogs, and proves that the internet is the only way to get to peace and change.''

I have also done some cute blog entries, like “Cute dog“, that really touch some hearts, souls and love. It is important to remember that although life often gives you shit, it sometimes is worth it since the dog seems happy. A thought just occurred to me; when a dog owner picks up his dogs droppings, who is the real master? The answer is of course THE GOVERNMENT who makes you pick up what should naturally be there.

Well that brings me to the end of memory lane and it was a dead end. Looking back it’s been quite a ride. LOL. Yes, Blog 2.0 (C) really revolutionized the way we think of blogs, and proves that the internet is the only way to get to peace and change. And as the importance of Andy’s Mercury Comments increases as a forum of truth in a world of LIES we can all go to the future with a quiet optimism. Yes, things will work out, it always does. Life always ends well:)


Blog 2.0

BLOG 2.0. Yes, we recycle.


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