Time for some Q&A. Part 2 (“[Some song lyric that will only confuse.]”

1 Mar

More Q&A from readers of my blog (and there are MANY). This time I have choosen a theme too. The Theme is existential problems.

The first question comes from an unspecified country in Africa by a guy named Mygebe. He asks:

Is there a God?

A: Of course.

The next question is from RayRainbow and it goes like this;

Okay, so they say a gay lay may pay on judmentday if they stay gay even if they pray? Is that true?

A: No. I spoke to God a couple of months ago and she said that being gay is not a sin. So move to San Francisco you crazy kid and live out your lifestyle without regrets. Oh, my psychiatrist said that I should also mention that I stopped using my meds that week.

Another existential conundrum comes from Bergen by a fellow or gal named Hedonist666

I’m an atheist. What do you think of that?

A: Good for you.

A woman by the name of Ann413 asks;

I have an inoperable cancer and will die by the year 2010. I need to know, what was the meaning of life?

A: To get born, survive, re-procreate, reprobate and die.

The last question is from a lady named Earl1994 and she asks:

If God is good, then why is there so much evil in the world?

A: I don’t know.

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