Time for some Q&A. Part 1. (“Five to one, baby. one in five. No one here gets out alive”)

27 Feb

My blog has become quite a success. I get many hits a month and so many write to me. I read a lot of letters from many troubled souls in desperate needs of answers. I can’t be bothered with answering everyone, so I instead choose the most common questions, that is best written and post the questions and my answers here.

The first letter is from a lady who we will call “Lady” who lives in Hammerfest. She writes;

“Sometimes when I’m having sex, my vagina makes a noise like I’m passing gas. It’s so embarrassing. What causes it, and how can I prevent it? “

A: Well I don’t know. Go see a doctor, they have all the answers.

The next one is also from a woman. She calls her self Hornymenstrual666 and she asks:

“I’m horny when I have my period. Is it cool to have sex, or will I totally gross my guy out? “

A: I’m glad you asked me that question. First, you don’t own the guy. He isn’t “your guy”. You belong to him. Secondly, as it states in the bible “Have no sex when woman bleed, that is disgusting.”

The next one is from XXXarnoldXXX, who lives in Danmark, and he wonders:

“For head of household filing status, do you have to claim a child as a dependent to qualify?”

A: Yes.

The last one for today is from Joshua3 from Israel.

“Which is worse, failing or never trying?”

A: Failing. You should never try.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 (It will BLOW YOUR MIND!)

2 Responses to “Time for some Q&A. Part 1. (“Five to one, baby. one in five. No one here gets out alive”)”

  1. Whosyourdaddy February 28, 2010 at 4:09 am #

    Would you think of me as a perve, if i say to you, that i use a jar of mayo as a substitute for my girlfriend while she is away getting her nails done? Is that wrong?

    • AndyAce83 February 28, 2010 at 4:48 pm #

      This question is a hard one (get it?), and will take time to answer. I will do some studding of fetishes involving foods, probably also crossreference with Mysophilia,Autoandrophilia, Chremastistophilia and Menophilia. Then I will get back to you on that one at a later blog entry (no promise).

      But if you need an answer right now, then my answer is HELL YES!

      And besides, you want me to detest you. You want me to be appalled. That is the very essence of a fetish. It’s time to be honest; No fetish wants to be accepted in society (although they want us to believe it) they want to think that what they are experiencing is wrong and perverted. That is why they are doing it. All fetishes have one common goal to feel dirty and animal like. That is the whole point!

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