Let’s appreciate some art (“and all that jazz!”)

9 Feb

Art is very important! Very, very important. It’s like the essence of existence or something. You are nothing if you can’t appreciate the modern arts. Here are some pieces (that are incidental for sale) that will broaden your mind!

Title: You may not approve old man, but I’m a good person
This first piece is priced at 657 $ and it is a rebel against suppression.

Made by: “Gay” McGee aka. “Bi-curious” McGee formerly known as “Straight” McGee

The artist saysWalking along Broadway on the way to one of my decadent sexy parties I saw a whore being raped in an alleyway. I thought how quaint as I snorted some coke residue from my nose and walked abit faster to meet lady Gaga. I love kissing Lady Gaga on her cheek. It’s so asexually sexual.

Now this piece is a memory to haiti. It’s pro-gay, pro-obama and pro-life… what? oh… Pro-Choice

Title: Whores runs, ladies takes it!
This second piece is priced at 1900 $ and is a scream against suppression. (Note: It’s hung the wrong way, so you should see it right if your head is turned 90 degrees to the left)

Made by: Angry O’Loner

The artist saysThis picture represents the rage I am feeling against Obama right now. How he let us all down. I saw this image in my head when I had just made passionate love to Lady Gaga with some sexy decadent friends and we discussed how art could change the world and I looked out the window. [the artist takes a brake to think]. A homeless person was outside our window, peeing on Jonathan’s installation. The rage boiled in me. Didn’t Obama promise to get rid of all those crazy homeless guys? But mainly it’s a non-figurative. Oh… Oh…. and it’s for Haiti.

Title: Coughed up lungs

This third piece is priced at 2.50 $ and is a choked up anger against everything.

Made by: AndyAce83

The artist says I was walking home from another bad night on the town. Lady Gaga wouldn’t have anything to do with me, not that it mattered because she was in NY and I was in a village in Norway. Anyway, I had drunk alot of wiskey, wine, some strange stuff in a bottle next to the sink… You know, what ever I could find. But something didn’t agree with me. Perhaps it was drinking beer after wine… I don’t know. Anyway, I vomited. Then I took a picture. Now, it’s art.

If it’s for Haiti? Hell no! Let them fight their own wars.”


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