10 things you didn’t know about Megan Fox (“We are all made of stars”)

5 Dec

You'd hit that, right?

According to The New Thought Movement I have failed, but enough about me, let’s talk about Megan Fox. Here is a few fun facts about Megan Fox that you probably didn’t know.

1.) Megan is actually a redhead, as you can see in childhood pictures from the International Herald Tribune

2.) She is proficient in 5 languages, where she speaks fluently in 3 and 2 languages she can be made understood. At least that what she said on Letterman.

3.) Has two Emmy’s nominations from her guest appearance on 7th heaven.

4.) Megan is not bi-sexual, but bi-curious. The difference is that she is attracted, but falls not in love with same sex according to the New York Times.

5.) Her favourite singer-songwriter is Kate Perry (but she wishes she was called Kate Bush) and her favourite song is “I kissed a girl”. In the Saudi Health News she claims that that song made “me realize my [bi-curious nature*] (direct translation; harlot-decease)” (*My translation)

6.) Megan’s first acting experience was telling her psychiatrist that her bruises was not from domestic disturbance but from her being clumsy, as she told in a interview with Empire Magazine.

7.) She has a tattoo on her ass of something to remind her of something according to Inked.

8.) Her mother claims to have been abducted by aliens on September 10, 1993 while she watched Fox television. An in-depth interview about this encounter can be read in Le Monde diplomatique

9.) Megan Fox is currently dating the writer of this blog, and she says “I have never had greater sex in my life. It’s like rough fu**ing and sensitive lovemaking made possible in the most unstrengtious [sic] way. I don’t know how I had sex before. It’s like that song “Like a virgin” you know? Now I understand that song. I mean I really, really understand that song.” to the Financial Times Deutschland.

10.) Megan Fox hasn’t enough self-insight to know many of these fun facts and will claim them to be wrong if confronted by them. SO DON’T! This is between you and me.


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