Let’s talk about environment (“I can’t stop raving”)

28 Nov

Yes, soon it’s time for all the politicians in the world to gather at a gathering and talk about the future of the world. Being a very politicly oriented person I have a very important opinion.

It’s time to start saving the world! We have to do something! Don’t you to feel the fear? Yes, we have to co-operate to be more environmentally sound. Sort the thrash, pay more for gas and not using electricity we don’t need. Why won’t somebody think of the children? Look at the children. They are the future and we have to save the world for them.

I myself have done much. I walk instead of taking the car. I don’t watch tv and I eat only what I need. Little things matter the most! On long trips (outside of my head) I commute and I am on every facebook group that thinks the planet Earth is a beautiful place. I don’t write on paper, as I never know what tree was cut to make it. I only flush once after going to the toilet.

I think Wasteful Consumerism is a definite adversary of our environment. For example, habitually purchasing products that are not directly consumed, such as food, or purchasing plastics and items with excessive packaging, contributes to our ever growing land fills. I think a great step towards eco friendliness would being cutting back on such excessive consumerism, either by purchasing used goods or not habitually purchasing wasteful and unnecessary goods. We may lose some convenience but it is worth it!!!

Please help us to save the environment for ourselves and all future generations to enjoy. What have you done?


Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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