“My VERY POSITIVE Abortion Experience” (“Karma Police arrest this girl!”)

22 Nov

I saw this video on youtube.com and found it fascinating.

“My VERY POSITIVE Abortion Experience”… I just like the sound of that.

“My VERY POSITIVE Abortion Experience”.

aka: executionize you rights!

It was a sunny day in march. I was singing a song as I went along the road, walking past smiling people and stopping at every window to see what was in store. I was young and happy with all my life in front of me, and just to know that I was going to make sure something else would not have it’s life in front of it made it all the much sunnier, happier and gayer.

The abortion doctor, who was an amateur actor on the side, sang as I entered the Family planning clinic.
“Hello”, he said with a glee and what seemed to be a whimsical little dance. He couldn’t help but smile as I saw it, and I couldn’t help but smile either. This would be the start of a wonderful day, with lots of memories and stories to tell.

The people who was gathered inside his bright coloured waiting room was all ready for a laugh and was eager to meet new people and share their pregnancy stories. Mine was as simple as it was funny. I had been drunk at a party, and this guy came up to me and later came inside me. They all laughed as I played with those words. I even got a huge hug from one of the teenagers as I told it. All was good and right.

One of the stories that was shared that was not as fun, but was a story we all could grow on, came from a shy skinny young girl who sat in the corner. She had escaped from home, since her father was abusive and her mother was a drunk.
“Now there’s an abortion that should have been”, I could remember thinking but still trying to keep a serious face as her story was not suppose to be funny. She had later become a whore and she earned more by having the Johns in her without condoms so she became pregnant at regular basis and had been there many times.

“So you could use a punching card, couldn’t you?”, I said and we all laughed at my funny way at looking at things.
“Yes”, she said, “but I got aids now so I won’t be needing it for very long”

This last part started to provoke me, because I felt that she tried to ruin my VERY POSITIVE Abortion experience with her bleakness. Some people just cant be happy, you know, they have to problematize everything. This woman deserved her misery, I had read so in “the secret”, so I decide to focus on someone else. Someone who looked forward to having it removed.

“Life is to short”, I thought as I stroke my belly “to focus on sad things. I bet my foetus would agree with me” and with that thought I was suddenly back again laughing and dancing with the abortion doctor. People cheering and applauding for me. The sun shone so bright! Everything was fantastic. You get such energy from knowing you are going to get rid of a tumour of troubles. Yes… life, you know… fantastic.

“This is our right, am I right?”, I screamed from the top of my longs as I stood on top of chair. “Abort more!”, I continued and more positive energy entered the room.
“No one is going to take our rights away! NO ONE! GIRL POWER”, I shouted for all to hear. The power of deciding life and death. I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait for it to be removed. A tingling all over, excitement for what was to come, life… you know… FREEDOM! LOVE!

Finally it was my turn, and I turned to the crowd of happy people and raised my hand for recognition. Love, was the only word to describe this day. Love and the colour green. I would do an art project later where I would make an interruptive dance to celebrate my positive experience while painted green. It’s what an artist do.
The dance would be me having my hands representing the flow of the menstrual falling down, down, washing away the pain and responsibility from the middle-age and instead greeting a brave new world where woman could be free to be a sexual creature to. I would try as an artist to convey the importance of abortion, to tell young people that abortion is an experience that every girl should have. To become a woman is to drink once menstrual flow and to have a positive abortion experience. Bush and other demogogs would never again steal our chance of experience POWER and keep US down. FREEDOM etc.

Oh, such lovely pictures. I wish you could have been there and shared it with me. But I will try to tell you, as best as I can, the sensation of abortion. The doctor took me in to a white room, with pictures of happy adults smiling. No kids in any of them. There was also a picture of a clown who juggled bottles. A real aesthetic experience. He guided me to a cosy chair and I took my seat. He then gave me a shot and a pill. He then looked at the clock and we waited.

Then it came. A power strengthening in my uterine. Then came the flow. The flow of life and death. It was all red of me and the smell of fresh freedom! Love, freedom and power again and again for what would seem like an eternity. I couldn’t describe it as anything but a holy experience of cleansing. A strong cleansing from the blood and the whiteness of the room that I knew had to be stronger than any religious experience.
“This is life”, I thought. “Life is blood flowing, and cunts crying because men had to penetrate them!”

I started to cry because of the beauty and I looked up into the ceiling with look of relief. I can’t describe it better so I have to say it again. It isn’t an orgasm, it’s just a feeling of freedom. Abortion is freedom, love and the colour green. Every girl should have one, to know the feeling. If I ever get pregnant again, I would have another one. And this time I would wait longer, because they say that the feeling get’s stronger to.

The essences of me. A fetus that smokes:)

Everyone is happy as long as the woman is happy

I work hard to have the rights of woman extended, and of course I also work hard for the abortion laws to be more open-minded as I am. This is why I have a project to keep the laws away from our bodies and to make it legal to have abortion until birth. There are scientific facts that state that there is no life until birth, and I work hard to make it so. And when I succeed in this, and I will if you woman will join me, then I will go even further. There are other scientific facts that state that an infants mind is not developed until it’s at least one year of age. I will with woman of the worlds help, fight for woman to have Shaken baby syndrome legalized as a form of abortion to.

So women of the earth, help me to make every girls dream come true and have their own very positive abortion experience. As I like to say; “You are not a free-thinker, unless you think like us” and ain’t that the truth?

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