Why does anyone hate Rachel Ray? (“…and pretty girls make graves”)

17 Nov


I have been surfing the world wide web again. I mainly surf Youtube, Facebook, last.fm, wikipedia and some no’no pages. Other than that I walk around talking to people, I even have some friends (se picture below).

Picture below

When I don’t browse the web, I could watch some tv, and sometimes (being unemployed) I can watch some daytime entertainment. On the daytime shows you have the cheap soaps and the talk shows. These shows are probably not meant for me, but beggars can’t be choosers. So I have sometimes watched Oprah, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Ellen.

I hate Oprah and Dr. Phil. They are so awful it should have been illegal. Especially the last one where a… never mind.

The point is; sometimes my three pastimes (internet, friends and tv) cross into each other. I have seen Rachel Ray on tv, and found her to be a happy, whimsical woman that I easily could have dated. She cooks food, my imagination would have taste great, and she has a cheery persona. Yeah, a woman that seems joyful and happy. Who want that when you can have so much more?

I get happy when I watch her (and in smaller doses Ellen). Then some of my friends show a dis taint for her, and suddenly I see brain-dead (I love that word!) teens making fun of her on Youtube. I just don’t get it! Isn’t Rachel Ray the very essence of what any man would want in a woman? She seems stable, happy and can fucking cook!!! Here’s one example of making fun out of her:

When I saw this clip I got goosebumps. That laughter of those two kids went straight to my spine. You know their planing something nasty to feel alive. They could have needed a rachel ray mother… What I saw was a mother smoking crack to forget sucking strangers for crack (the white trash circle) and those two children growing envious of anything reeking of value and thus hating a woman who seems wholesome and nice.

To comfort them; Rachel Ray is probably not that nice. She is acting nicer than she is. But what she represents my dear lost boys is a down to earthiness, a loving motherliness, you probably never experienced and for that I feel sorry for you.

Here’s another Rachel Ray bashing:

Haha, it’s funny because it’s kids mocking someone who does something else than playing Modern Warfare 2 (shooting civilian stage) on their Xboxs or PS3’s and later going on different threads mocking how stupid everyone else is because they like something that they don’t!

IT’S TIME TO TAKE A STAND! Everyone who is tiered of everything having to be EXTREME unite! Let’s all watch rachel ray, and pretend that everything is nice for a change! Let’s stop cutting ourself, tattooing obscenities on our bodies, watching freaks scream nonsense and other vomit unto weed smoking emotionally numb and brain-dead (there’s that word again!) teens and…



Relax with some family oriented shows. And feel peace. I LOVE RACHEL RAY… I wish real life could be like that.

It’s really not.


4 Responses to “Why does anyone hate Rachel Ray? (“…and pretty girls make graves”)”

  1. BITEbritt November 17, 2009 at 5:03 am #

    where’s the part about pretty girls make graves??? i read your post thinking that they were going to get mentioned at the end and all you’re talking about is rachel ray. personally she’s not my cup of tea but then again most tv cooks aren’t. she just bothers me bc she’s just TOO perky and PERFECT for TV however she is one of the tv cooks with the best personality. even thought i don’t like her on tv i would love her for a friend. she seems like a real girls girl. and BTW i think she really is that nice. it’s not an act- she’s down to earth. PS. she cooks really fatty foods another reason she’s not my type. this country is obese. i think cooks should be showing everyone to be healthiER!!! but that’s my opinion and hooray for you standing up for people! i think that’s great. kudos.

  2. AndyAce83 November 17, 2009 at 5:13 am #

    I’m sorry… It’s just a creative thing I do. When you read my other blog entries many of them have a reference to a song I like.

    I LOVE THE SMITHS (so I probably I’m going to reference many others songs from them later). They really make life easier to take. Pretty Girls Makes Graves is a great song about loving a woman that you really don’t want to have vulgar interaction with (that’s my interpretations), and of course the general idea that a pretty girl is going to hurt you later. But your right… perhaps I in some way should have tied in the reference;)

    Thanks for your positive feedback. I’m personally not that interesstead in health (“I smoke because I’m hoping for an early death, and I need to cling to something”) but I totaly agree that RR should have made healthy food, but I don’t watch the program for foodtips anyways I watch it to take a break from swineflu and killers on tv.

  3. BITEbritt November 17, 2009 at 5:39 am #

    ah… well now i know. The swineflu is a myth! LOL jk. I’m just saying that bc i got it early on and i was sick for only 24 hours which consisted of me just having a fever and sleeping all day.

    • AndyAce83 November 17, 2009 at 5:47 am #

      Yes, but I live in Norway where a mutant version has arrived. 8-12 people have died (in a country of 5 million). I’m not afraid, but I do get tiered of hearing the “judgement day news” that predicts the end of days tomorrow. (I thought it was 2012?)

      But, yes… swineflue is not ebola, that’s for sure;)

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