A little reminder (“Am I gonne see God, Mommy?”)

19 Oct

Right now there are many children with cancer! They look at their parents wondering why their lifes will be cut short as their bodies slowly decay when every cell in their bodies rots away. We can all help them by talking, spending and giving money and perhaps look at blogs where the parents write about their day to day hardships.

Remember when God gives us lemons, you should sell them to others. There are no evils that can’t be banished, and perhaps when the children are dead the parents can come on Operah or Dr. Phil to tell all about their loss. That’s when it is important to watch. To see their tears, and cry with them. That makes you sensitive, and sensitive people are better than others.

So remember; Children with Cancer! It makes you a better person.

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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