Sensitive Poems to make you think! (The Pink Room)

12 Oct

Beginnings for the sensitive Poet.
I saw a genius in the mirror today,
but I don’t think any others would

Across the lonely beach I wander,
seeing the sea
Hearing the waves
Feeling small
Feeling Insecure

Near the lonely knoll I weep,
the tears taste so sweet
Looking down on my feet
Isn’t that sheep
Coming to me
Or am I going Crazy

On the lonely cliff I loiter
Alas, The hornets is buzzing in my brain

Tears don't lie! No, they do not!
An advanced sensitive Poem #1
I am a Barn,

I am empty inside
Cuz the government came and took my baby
Someone will come
Or maybe someday I’ll be gone

An advanced sensitive Poem #2
(aka; a “Sonnet about my mother”)
My mother is sweet
My mother is great
My mother is also my Mother

She doesn’t like that I smoke
She doesn’t like that I drink
But she do like me

As I am drinking my coffee
and smoking my cigarettes
my mind start to wander


Is there anything sader than an out of focus sad clown?

An advanced sensitive Poem #3
(aka: My unique feeling)

I have a feeling no one else have.
Zebra to

Rap music in my brain
Why do I feel so faint

oh so private
No one understands me
and my unique feeling

The Ultimate Sensitive Poem
(aka: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,
aka; Autumn in Spring
aka; Hypersensitive
aka; Feelings of creativity has been smothered by the Wall

In the autumn I think about pain underneath the trees
Feeling small in the cosmos of beauty
While the clouds drifting
It remind me of suicide
while I am dreaming of leaves falling

You are yourself
I am myself
I feel the loneliness of it all
in the futility of the blight depression of decay loss and the entropy of love
while the flowers, the branches, the trees and the stumps are around me.
God damn First Price Toilet paper
It makes me weep

It makes me weep.

It makes me weep.

(Thanks to “How to be a sensitive poet” guide in the “Love is Hell” book.)

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